150928 Idol Nationwide Singing Contest (Insoo, Seyong)

Source: 안녕,인수(hello_insoo

150511 Gayo Stage

Source: Jellyberrye

MNet Yaman TV Ep 8 trailer – MYNAME

Source: Je M | Mnet

Best Ramyeon (Seyong)
From 36:30

Source: of2AM

The Boss ‘Lady’ Comeback Sketch feat. MYNAME

At around 2:10, you can see the boys visiting The Boss in the waiting room, giving them their album.
Garam said that he and Seyong were friends in high school. He also added that Seyong was a good dancer even in high school, and that he was very popular.

At 6:15, The Boss were watching MYNAME’s performance. Injun and Mika were kinda feeling the music XD
At 6:34, the two groups were greeting each other as MYNAME came off stage^^

Source: OPEN WORLD Entertainment

111111 MTV The Show Want U Talk [Eng]

Source: mynintsubs

111104 MTV The Show Speed Quiz

Source: jjangcakes

111104 MTV The Show Speed Quiz [Eng]

Source: mynintsubs

One response

  1. mellow

    Ma gosh!! MN was so busy on my b-day xbsmdndbdnd that’s why they didn’t tweet ㅠ.ㅠ 구뤠두 내 생일 8월 25일엔 스케줄 없길 바랬는데 힝~

    September 27, 2012 at 11:54 am

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