Seyong CFs

Source: joomoon001

110904 Dream Team (Seyong, Insoo cut)

Source: AMORE via heenimpark

Hwanhee’s Love Pain MV (Feat. Seyong)

Source: Hentercom

101230 Hwanhee’s Japan Live Concert (Gunwoo, Insoo)
Day by Day/ My Angel

남자 답게 (Like a Man)

Source: tncandy

101225 Hwanhee’s Tonight In Christmas Concert
With Insoo and Gunwoo ‘DAY BY DAY’ & ‘MY ANGEL’

With Insoo and Gunwoo ‘남자답게’ (Like A Man)

Source: SJL0325, cusunder

Teen Healthy Studying Life (JunQ Game Addiction cut)

Source: SOMIN J

Infinite’s You Are My Oppa Ep 6 & 7 (JunQ)

Source: PachiSupaLuv

100911 SuperStarK2 E08 Insoo

Source: tncandy

100723 SuperStarK2 E01 Insoo


100723 Insoo SuperstarK 2 Ep 1 [Eng]

Source: mynintsubs

One response

  1. Seyong's lover

    I can’t tell who’s Seyong oppa on the 3rd video down >.< (so many things going on at the same time)

    April 28, 2012 at 8:49 am

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