Ep1 Hello (word play of Seyong):

Ep 2 Oh~ see you again!?

Ep 3 I did it? or not?

Ep 4 I’m a criminal~!!

Ep 5 Neighbours should take care of each other

Ep 6 Men should have a strong lower body!!!

Ep 7 Losing weight?? You??

Ep 8 Are we… biting ears.. here?

Ep 9 Wow~ You look good..?!

Ep 10 I want.. Caramel Macchiato!

Ep 11 You’re pissed off again…?

Ep 12 I’m sorry for the last time..ㅠㅠ

Ep 13 Flabby arms..! Lose it!

Ep 14 You’re now just thinking of me?!

Ep 15 Today we’ll end here!

Ep 16 What are you doing here?

Ep 17 Just now that kid is…!!

Ep 18 Every minute and second is sweet

Ep 19 You’re sick? Do you happen to have Seyong-sickness..?

Ep 20 Honey~ Why are you pretty like that today?

Ep 21 It will be good if it stops at this moment

Ep 22 It’s mine, how about it?

Ep 23 It’s not that big a deal

Ep 24 Believe in me

Ep 25 Let’s continue, my girlfriend

Special Ep:
Facetime – I Miss You♥

Special Ep Chuseok and fruit~!!

Source: 내손남 (내 손안의 남자친구) Pocket Boyfriend