Ep1 Let me help you:

Ep2 I thought you wouldn’t contact me..

Ep3 I’ll buy you a meal once.

Ep4 What will you do with…this pants?

Ep5 You… seem to be missing something

Ep6 I’ve good news to share… let’s have a drink

Ep7 I’ve good news to share… let’s have a drink

Ep8 I didn’t do anything too…

Ep9 I… have something to say… You… look like a dumpling

Ep10 Take off and come on in!

Ep11 When we met for the first time…

Ep12 Why aren’t you talking? Reply me!

Ep13 Why did you make this?

Ep14 Shall we go get our compatibility told?

Ep15 You do not have this kind of clothes to wear out?

Ep16 You’re a country bumpkin

Ep17 Why didn’t you contact me?!!

Ep18 Why am I here…?

Ep19 You’re eating alot lately..?!

Ep20 Have a beautiful relationship! Let’s seal our love!!

Ep21 Your house is my house

Ep22 How is it, I’m reliable right?

Ep23 We should do this together~

Ep24 Are you embarrassed of me?

Ep25 Let’s continue, my girlfriend (Complete)

Special Ep:
Facetime Wake me up in the morning~~

Special Ep JJang~!!! Songpyeon (ricecakes) and…

Source: 내손남 (내 손안의 남자친구) Pocket Boyfriend