Ep1 Do you have a boyfriend?:

Ep2 If it’s ok… I’ll wait for you

Ep3 Yeah let’s eat together!

Ep4 I made a reservation at a great restaurant

Ep5 I’m at the basketball park now

Ep6 New dokkbokki today call?

Ep7 Believe in oppa right? Please give me 500 won

Ep8 Finding the lost keys (P1)

Ep9 Finding the lost keys (P2)

Ep10 You… with me are an item?

Ep11 Oppa will do it~ But, where did you get this?

Ep12 Believe in oppa?

Ep13 Me..? I’m Suwon’s son, Number 4 pitcher Kang Insoo!

Ep14 Between lovers is Ddeokbokki!

Ep15 I cannot contain myself!

Ep16 Oppa bought a boat!!

Ep17 I want to be your puppy..!!

Ep18 It’s so tough… ㅠㅠ

Ep19 What if oppa didnt come??!!

Ep20 Do not see other men!!

Ep21 Why can’t you understand me…?

Ep22 Finally…!! Ramyeon today..??

Ep23 Shall I cook for you every morning?

Ep24 I’ll come only with you in future!

Ep25 It’s a secret…

Ep26 Let’s continue, my girlfriend

Special Ep:
Special Ep I’ve prepared an awesome present!

Facetime_Did you reach home safely?

Source: 내손남 (내 손안의 남자친구) Pocket Boyfriend