Ep1 Do you remember me?:

Ep2 Coincidence…? That’s amazing..

Ep3 Are you ok…? Go back safely!

Ep4 You have an appointment..? Boyfriend?

Ep5 Is it coincidence for us..? or fate?

Ep6 Let’s go for a 2nd round! Call?

Ep7 Please stop now

Ep8 Stop crying…!

Ep9 Do you have time tomorrow…?

Ep10 You thought I wouldn’t know~?

Ep11 Are you drunk? I’m drunkㅠㅠ

Ep12 I.. have something to say…!

Ep13 Now.. would you accept me..?

Ep14 Oh? I can’t see you..ㅠㅠ

Ep15 Today I’m a spaghetti chef~!

Ep16 Come here!! Chu~♥

Ep17 You don’t like how I look today…!

Ep18 Are you pissed…?

Ep19 I can’t stand it anymore today..!!

Ep20 Honey!! Look at me a little~!!

Ep21 Where are you touching now?

Ep22 Should we… get married?

Ep23 How is this house?

Ep24 It’s not like this… please wait a while!

Ep25 Let’s continue, my girlfriend (Complete)

Special Ep
Facetime_Now.. are you falling asleep??

Special Ep: Do you like Sikhye? or Persimmon punch~?

Source: 내손남 (내 손안의 남자친구) Pocket Boyfriend