Official MYNAME Youtube Channel

[Mal-bok Eating Broadcast] 2016 Hottest Summer Day’s Ginseng Chicken
T/N: Malb-bok are the hottest days in Korea

2016 Commemorating JunQ’s Birthday Keyword Interview

MYNAME Delivery #.02.5

2016 MYNAME Lunar New Year Holiday Greetings

MYNAME Delivery #.02

MYNAME Delivery #.01

MYNAME 마이네임 2016 Happy New Year

MYNAME’s 2015 Christmas Message!

MYNAME Insoo GLANCE TV Video Sketch

2015 ‘The 3rd Promise’ Concert Special

MYNAME 5 Minute Theatre – ‘JunQ’s Transformation’

MYNAME’s Home Alone

MYNAME’s 2015 Lunar New Year Greeting Message!

MYNAME’s 2015 New Year Greetings (HAPPY NEW YEAR ♡)

MYNAME’s 2014 Christmas Message (Merry Christmas!)

MYNAME 2014 Chuseok Greeting Message

MYNAME Seyong ALS Bucket Challenge

2014 MYNAME Fanmeeting [A Summer’s Date]

2013 Christmas with MYNAME

[MYNAME Love Sharing Project] Round 1 – Blood Donor’s Card of Love Collection (MYNAME’s Thank You Message))

MYNAME 2nd Anniversary Fanmeeting Greeting

MYNAME – Day By Day Dance Practice

Special meeting with MYNAME on October 9!

MYNAME Official YouTube Channel Open!

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