111113 Seyong’s Birthday Party

After Seyong took out his thumb, a fan shouted “I’ll give you my thumb!” and that’s why the members were laughing^^

*If MYNAME members were girls, which member would they marry?
Gunwoo chose Insoo because he is very manly, sings well and suits the string (thin headbands) well. (Note: This joke is from Ta-Dah! Episode 1.)
Chaejin chose Gunwoo because he takes care of people well and is warm-hearted.
The emcee said that Seyong looks jealous (Seyjin anyone? LOL).
Seyong said he won’t marry. He said he would marry the fans, then he told Chaejin “We broke up today.”
Insoo chose Chaejin, and Seyong got jealous. I can’t hear Insoo’s reason though.
JunQ said he won’t marry and that he would marry the fans.

JunQ’s sleeping habit^^

Seyong wrote a letter to fans and read it out during the fanmeeting.

Here’s a translation of what he said:
Annyeongha-Seyong, this is MYNAME’s Seyong.
Thank you for being with us for MYNAME’s first fanmeeting.
I was a trainee for about 5 and a half years, and I’m fortunate to have debuted with MYNAME.
Coming up to Seoul alone and leaving my parents at 17 years old was not easy.
But having the fans during my trainee period, and even now, made it easier for me.
I’m very touched and thankful that I can have this birthday party with a lot of people.
*pause* The fans were shouting “Don’t cry!”
Because now I’m here in front of everybody, not alone, but as MYNAME.
There are a lot of staff members who have also helped us out in that period.
And I’m very happy that I get to do this with all of you whom I love.
You’ll go together with us to the end right?
Fans: YESS!
You promised me!
Thank you so much! And also a big thank you to all the H2 Media staff who made this for us.
I’m very thankful to everyone.
You know Seonjin Noona right? She’s our team leader. Her throat hurts and she has to undergo surgery tomorrow. Thank you very much for doing this for us.
Really, thank you very very much to everyone.
I love you MYNAME fans!

MYNAME’s birthday message to Seyong

Source: mynamevalue, 인수오빠주세용 @fancafe via hae520, dancehua, bailinsu, tpdyddkdkssud, mynamevalue, itohvip
Translation: MYNAMESG

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