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[Trans – Ameba] 121220

Annyeonghaseyo everyone.

With your love, we could finish activities of their 2nd stage 「What’s Up」!!
The last event in 「What’s Up」 was MYNAME’s first solo concert 「MYNAME 1st ZEPP LIVE ~What’s Up~」.

We could feel members’ efforts through the concert❤
It’s thanks to fans that the members could try hard!!
I would like to express our gratitude!! Thank you always.

And, and, there are a lot of pictures which we haven’t revealed yet.
We are going to looking back at 「What’s Up」 activities while talking here♪

@ZEPP NAMBA PHOTO(2012.12.15)
It was their first ZEPP LIVE, which they faced with full spirits, even feeling the strain.♪♪
After the stage, they were disturbed by thoughts like 「I wonder if our fans had good time.」「How was my solo stage?」and repeatedly monitored many times.

▼MYNAME members, just as they are leaving the hall❤
It’s 「O」 sign from the initial of Osaka.(laugh)
Gunwoo ssi~ where are you looking~? Please look in this direction~・・・ヲヲヲ

ZEPP TOKYO PHOTO(2012.12.17)

ZEPP TOKYO the last stage!!
During the last performance of 「Replay ~Japanese version~」, I saw tears in Insoo’s eyes…
Other members were almost in tears…
And the moment they went backstage, Seyong began crying while their manager held onto his shoulder.
We know, there were many kinds of feelings which came into his eyes, it was an indication of his efforts.
Thank you for showing a perfect stage, our boys!!
Also MYgirls&MYboys, thank you for cheering for the boys!!
We’re going to talking about ZEPP later looking back upon 「What’s Up」 activities.

And and, as for the pictures which they took at stage…
I was surprised that JunQ took a huge number of pictures. (laugh)
Of course we have secret pictures like Insoo’s selca and Chaejin’s selca~❤
Now, we’re preparing that so wait little more♪

As you know, the schedules in Korea are waiting for them next.
Please give your big support to their Korean activities as well, Japanese MYgirls❤
For fear of making everyone feel lonely, 「MYNAME’s W Kitchen」 which is MYNAME’s first regular program will start on 1/7 in Japan♪
Look forward to more information which we’ll reveal!!
And let us your know demands, questions or anything else for them if you have any.

Source: Ameba
Translation: MYNAMESG

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