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[Order-CLOSED] Gunwoo’s Japanese Solo Album 「I AM 27」(SG Only)

MYNAMESG Gunwoo’s Japanese Solo Album 「I AM 27」^^
Orders this time will be for SINGAPOREANS ONLY.

UPDATE: With every order you’re entitled with a choice of a free MYNAME album* (while stocks last)

*Please choose an album of your choice in the form below

To order through us, please read carefully below


[Order – CLOSED] MYNAME 4th Single Album (SG Only)

MYNAMESG will be taking orders for MYNAME’s 4th single album^^
Orders this time will be for SINGAPOREANS ONLY.

To order through us, each signed album will cost SGD$19 (incl. postage to Singapore + paypal transfer).

Each album includes a MYNAME Korean concert event participation coupon on 24th May. Each coupon entitles 1 entry into an event at the concert venue and details will be released at a later date.


1. Please make payment via POSB Bank Transfer.
Please transfer SGD$19 per album to POSB Savings 147-19794-2.

We will organize 2 meetups and the venue will be decided after we receive the albums. There will be no postage options. If you’re not able to make it for any of the meetups, please arrange for someone to collect it on your behalf.

2. AFTER making payment, please fill in the order form below by 16th May, 12pm SGT. Late forms will not be entertained, and your money will be refunded to your account.

3. We will send you an acknowledgement e-mail within 24 hours after receiving your order forms. Please notify us if you do not receive this e-mail after 24 hours.

4. You can check the status of your orders at the bottom of this post.

5. Please leave a comment below or e-mail us at if you have any questions^^

6. Your orders are your responsibility, so please alert us immediately as soon as you see any problems in your orders. Please also check your e-mails regularly as that will be the main point of communication.

Thank you so much in advance for all your orders and support. We may be busy at times, but we will try our best to update and e-mail you guys within 24 hours.

Order Status (Only paid orders will be reflected.) – Last Updated 12 May 1:05am

1) Si Ying
2) Sumei
3) April
4) Jove
5) Effie

[Orders – Closed] MYNAME’s 2nd Single Album (Autographed)

Our orders have closed!

Thank you so much to all those who have placed your orders with us!
Do check this post and our twitter account for the latest updates on your albums^^

For any queries, do leave us a comment below or e-mail us at

Order Status (Only paid orders will be reflected.)

Singapore (last updated: 16th January; 11.00pm SGT)
1. Jasmine
2. Shawn
3. Effie
4. Halimah
5. Cassandra
6. Jennifer
7. Basheerah
8. Zen
9. Dionne
10. Nadia
11. Suhaila
12. Nur ‘Izzati
13. Jiayi
14. Siti
15. Shafiqah
16. Afiah
17. Jae Ling
18. Suet
19. Linnie
20. Debra
21. Eunice
22. Siti
23. Nicole (Order confirmed, e-mail inbox full – bounced back)
24. Aiisyah
25. Angela
26. Amanda
27. Clara
28. Aina
29. Hyun
30. Nurul

International (last updated: 16th January; 7.45pm SGT)
1. Eyunji (USA)
2. Justine Ereno (USA)
3. Vivian L. (USA)
4. Alicia (USA)
5. Jasmine Le (Australia)
6. Mary (USA)
7. Alvaro (USA)
8. Brenda Padilla (USA)
9. Marta (Spain)
10. Andrea (Canada)
11. New Sa-Nguansap (USA) Added 1 more album
12. Anh Pham (USA)
13. Lydia Penfold (USA)
14. Camille (France)
15. Charles Marine (France)
16. Jasmin Losilla (USA)
17. Mayz (USA)
18. Ying Yi Lau (Canada)
19. Sharon Nguyen (Australia)
20. Jewell Morton (USA)
21. Miye Kuwata (USA)
22. Bi (Vietnam)
23. Yoni (France)
23. Jasmine Flores (USA)

[Orders – CLOSED] MYNAME’s 2nd Single Album (Autographed)

Thank you all for your orders!

We regret to inform you that H2Media has cancelled group orders for the album for the time being, due to the comeback being pushed back indefinitely.

We will be refunding you ASAP!

SG Fans – Please check you e-mail, and give us 48 hours to do the refund.
International Fans – You have all been refunded. Please check your paypal balance.




Singapore (Updated – 12th Oct, 2.40pm SGT)
1. Charmian Teo -REFUNDED
2. Siti Nur Ayuni -REFUNDED
3. Fuzleenaa – Donated to MN 1st Anniversary Project
4. Jennifer Zhuang -REFUNDED
5. Yiting -REFUNDED
6. Tam Jia Yi -REFUNDED
7. June Theng -REFUNDED
8. Halimah -REFUNDED
9. Ifaah -REFUNDED
10. Jasmine -REFUNDED
11. Abidah -REFUNDED $30, $6 donated to MN 1st Anniversary Project
12. Nicole -REFUNDED
13. Aiisyah -REFUNDED
14. Janice Tan -REFUNDED
15. Shawn -REFUNDED
16. Dionne Wong -REFUNDED
17. Baoyi -REFUNDED
18. Rachel -REFUNDED
19. Jabit-REFUNDED
20. Eunice -REFUNDED
21. Clara
22. Natalie -REFUNDED
23. Suhaila -REFUNDED
24. Angela -REFUNDED
25. Taqiyah -REFUNDED
26. Jiayi -Paid
27. Nasya
28. Pei Chi -REFUNDED
29. Vina Donated to MN 1st Anniversary Project
30. Linnie -REFUNDED
31. Debra -REFUNDED
32. Vicky -Paid
33. Rahayu Le -REFUNDED
34. Denise Gwee
35. Suet -REFUNDED
36. Effie -REFUNDED
38. Catherine -REFUNDED
39. Shikin -REFUNDED
40. Gwen
41. Mirza -REFUNDED

International (Updated – 2nd Oct, 9.45pm SGT)
1. Benyapha (Thailand)
2. Kristin Curry (USA) -REFUNDED
3. Hae (Lithuania)
4. Justine Ereno (USA)
5. Eyunji Lee (USA) -REFUNDED
6. karen natalia walteros reyes (Columbia)
7. Sharon Nguyen (Australia) -REFUNDED
8. Mary Nguyen (USA)
9. Marena Jensen (USA) -REFUNDED
10. Lisa (Australia) -REFUNDED
11. New Sa-Nguansap (USA) -REFUNDED
12. Ying Yi Lau (Canada) -REFUNDED
13. Marta León (Spain) -REFUNDED
14. Jasmine Le (Australia) -REFUNDED
15. Lydia (USA) -REFUNDED
16. Esther (Germany)
17. Vivian (USA) -REFUNDED
18. Astrid Espinoza (Peru)
19. Anh Pham (USA) -REFUNDED
20. Camille GREGOIRE (France) -PAID
21. Sara (Spain)
22. Anna Moreno (Spain) -REFUNDED
23. Mingxi Zou (Australia)
24. Alicia (USA) -REFUNDED
25. Elizabeth Daly (Australia) -REFUNDED
26. Syaamila A’tikah Ruzainah Bt Mat Samoin (Malaysia) -REFUNDED

[Order] Junior Magazine December 2011

MYNAMESG will be taking orders for Junior Magazine December 2011 =D

The magazines will be $15 each.

Simply make payment via POSB Bank Transfer to POSB Savings 198-17031-3
All payment should be made before sending us the e-mail for orders.

Then, e-mail us at with the following details!
Name/Twitter UN:
No. of copies:
Payment date and time:
Ref. No.:
Total amount transferred:

For those outside of Singapore and are interested in ordering the magazine through us, do send us an e-mail, and we will let you know how to make payment =)

ORDERS WILL CLOSE ON 16TH DECEMBER AT 9PM (Singapore time). So please make payment before that =D

Full list of contents in this issue is found below.