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[Trans – Interview] MYNAME, Heading To The Groud → Getting #5 on music program

[Newsen article by Jeonwon / Photo by Kim Changhyun]

MYNAME is cruising.

MYNAME (Seyong, Insoo, JunQ, Chaejin, Gunwoo) recently released their first mini album and are in the midst of promoting their title track ‘Baby I’m Sorry’. They’re especially catching attention for setting a new record at 5th place on KBS2 TV’s ‘Music Bank’ and developing further.
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[Trans – News] MYNAME’s Insoo, “Ballet career for 7 years; was Son Yeonjae’s teacher”

MYNAME’s Insoo showed off his high-leveled ballet skills.

MYNAME’s Insoo and Seyong went for a dance audition in front of the Dancing9 masters on Mnet’s Beatles Code on the 15th. Insoo, who boasts a 7-year ballet career, caught attention for showcasing his professional classical ballet skills.

As soon as Insoo entered, Jazz dance specialist Woo Hyunyoung showed her pleasure by saying, “He’s wearing jazz shoes.” After raising the anticipation, Insoo went on to show off difficult classical ballet moves.
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When Insoo’s performance ended, Woo Hyunyoung praised, “He did classical ballet. Actually, the floor now doesn’t have cushion, and it’s bad for ballet dancers. But Insoo performed jumps and fouettes. He showed a lot of techniques that can only be seen at concourses or ballet competitions.”

The MCs then asked Insoo, “How long have you danced ballet?” to which he answered, “I did ballet for 7 years, but it’s been 4 years since I stopped. I used to teach ballet to rhythm gymnast Son Yeonjae.”

Adding on, the MCs commented, “Indeed, you can feel a difference from his skills. He doesn’t feel like an amateur at all.”

Source: Newsen
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[Trans – News] MYNAME reveals ‘Just That Little Thing’ practice video, Excellent b-boying ‘Mouth wide open’

[Newsen Jeonwon reporter]

MYNAME reveals the point choreography of their title song ‘Just That Little Thing’.

MYNAME (Gunwoo, Insoo, Seyong, JunQ, Chaejin) showed what they do in the practice room without any adjustments through their show ‘MYNAME is MYNAME’ on the internet social platform UStream recently.

The members gathered in the practice room after their schedules and taught the viewers 3 points of their ‘Just That Little Thing’ dance. After the kick, they revealed that the door hitting move was a parody of an old underwear commercial. The members were laughing among themselves while having fun during practice despite having a tough schedule.

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Also, Gunwoo and seyong showed a comical version of the ‘Just That Little Thing’ dance while the other members clapped for them. The members then caught the attention of viewers when they started their excellent b-boying dance together.

Meanwhile, MYNAME is MYNAME started the first broadcast on 28th January and showed the members’ real daily lives. It is receiving a lot of interest from fans after only 2 episodes. You can watch the show every Monday at 6pm on MYNAME’s official UStream channel.

Source: Newsen
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[Trans – Interview] The Reason Why MYNAME Are Not Nervous Despite Making A Comeback After 7 Months

[Newsen Reporter Lee Narae / Photographer Jung Yoojin]

K-pop singers who do well in Japan are not commonly found in news headlines anymore. This is because many K-pop singers are breaking into the J-pop market. But for rookies who have only released 2 albums in Korea and are more popular in Japan, their story is different. In such a situation, 5-member group MYNAME is quite interesting. We met MYNAME who are preparing for promotions in Korea after coming back from Japan.
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[Trans – News] MYNAME reveals ‘Just That Little Thing’ teaser with loud wailing and explosion scenes, ‘Anticipation’

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[Newsen Jeonwon reporter]MYNAME revealed the music video teaser for ‘Such A Thing’.

MYNAME released the teaser video for their title track ‘Just That Little Thing’ on the 16th through their 2nd Single Album official website.

With the nation’s best music video director Zany Bros’ Hong Wonki holding the megaphone and the best production team, the MYNAME members portrayed the sadness and anger of losing something and even cried, raising the anticipation for ‘Such A Thing’.

Also, the teaser video includes a large-scale CG explosion scene, earning the video huge interest.

Meanwhile, MYNAME will release the dance version teaser on the 21st and will release the album on the 25th.

Source: Newsen
Translation: MYNAMESG

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