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[Trans – Interview] MYNAME “We want handphones this year.” Why?

5-member male group MYNAME was introduced as a freshman in the music industry in October 2011. Seyong, Insoo, JunQ, Chaejin and Gunwoo are still not able to tell the public about their name, but they released their first digital single ‘Hello & Goodbye’ in June the year after, followed by full promotions without rest.
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What especially caught attention is their active promotions in Japan. Besides their year-end solo concert in Osaka and Tokyo which attracted 5000 fans, they also showcase Korean culture on TokyoMX with a cooking program ‘MYNAME W Kitchen’. They also teach the Korean language to their fans on their official Japanese homepage with ‘Korean Lesson Videos’.

MYNAME showed impressive results in Japan last year after starting in Korea. After about 7 months in Japan, they came back on Korean stages. MYNAME, who are back with their 2nd single song ‘Just That Little Thing’, have never had a day of proper rest since their debut and were drained, but they have a different outlook on their current promotions.


[News] MYNAME Releases Member Teaser Images for ‘Just That Little Thing’

MYNAME is prepping its return and has released new teaser photos.

The images were unveiled via H2 Media’s official Twitter recently. The individual cuts of the five MYNAME members show the members seated as flames erupt behind them as they show various expressions of anger, sorrow and pain.
Such a Thing is the title song off of MYNAME’s second single album. According to the group’s agency, MYNAME will look to show its upgraded and mature image through the new single.
A teaser video will be unveiled for Such a Thing on January 16 with the single album planning to drop on January 25.

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[Trans – News] MYNAME’s comeback, ‘Are they really rookies?’ Singing + dancing…even their overall performance is good!

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5-member group MYNAME successfully completed their comeback performance on cable channel Mnet’s ‘MCountdown’.

MYNAME showed off their first single album’s title track ‘Hello & Goodbye’ on the live broadcast of ‘MCountdown’ at 6pm on the 7th. The song is different from their debut song ‘Message’ last year, and is a medium tempo R&B track that harmonizes the member’s individual charming vocals with the choreography.

MYNAME, who did not feel the length of the past 8-month break, performed in front of screaming fans, allowing them to take off the title of rookies.

Before going on stage today, the MYNAME members sat with enews and shared their different views, saying, “During our break after our debut, we put in all our effort to fill in what we lacked in terms of our singing and performances. We will show you our best performance so that that effort doesn’t go to waste, and that we don’t tarnish Hwanhee sunbaenim’s name.”

Meanwhile, on this episode of ‘MCountdown’, Infinite, Baek Jiyoung, U-Kiss, G.Na, A Pink, B1A4, JJ Project, Juniel, Hyungdonie and Daejunnie also performed.

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[Trans – Interview] MYNAME, “Frequent visit to the emergency room because of intensive training”

[enews24 Park Hyunmin reporter] With the comeback of Girls’ Generation and Wondergirls, the flood of rookie groups are put on hold, but many boygroups are making their debut one after another saying, “We were waiting for this time.” The one that definitely stood out among them is MYNAME, a group known as ‘Hwanhee Boys’ which Hwanhee devoted himself to training the members, and have been capturing attention from before their debut.

5-member idol group MYNAME stand out for their looks, aggressive and synchronized group dance, and even combining it with fantastic vocals and rap skills, receiving praise as ‘prepared rookies’. Japan’s Oricon sees the potential in these guys and will set up a special page for them on their website, showing exceptional interest in them.

They took off the strong charisma they have on stage when we met for an interview, and the members were joking among themselves, never stopping the smiles.