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[Vid] Music Core Comeback stage – MYNAME 딱말해 (Just Tell Me)

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[Pic] MYNAME 4th Single Album Comeback Photo

[Vid] 131004 Music Bank Day By Day Comeback Teaser

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[Trans – Fancafe] 130330 Behind Story #30

MYNAME Behind Story #.30
【 2013.01.27 SBS Inkigayo 】

MYNAME 2ND SINGLE ‘Just That Little Thing’ Comeback Day!
This is the SBS Inkigayo venue.

The MYgirls who came running from early morning to help put up the congratulatory banners have worked hard. 🙂

[Trans – Ameba] 130114

Everyone Annyeonghaseyo.
Following the release of JunQ and Gunwoo’s teaser photos yesterday,
Insoo, Seyong and Chaejin’s were released as well!!
Finally all the members’ photos are out!!





What do you think of these teaser photos~?
Compare them in 1st single「Hello&Goodbye」, MYNAME became adults.
Aren’t you curious about what each members’ expression means❤

We’ll let you know when we get new information!!
They’re preparing hard for comeback, please give your big support for activities in Korea♪

Source: Ameba
Translation: MYNAMESG

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