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[Vid] No Cut News – Comeback ‘MYNAME’, Dramatically changed



2nd Single Album Just That Little Thing (그까짓거) Website



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[Orders – Closed] MYNAME’s 2nd Single Album (Autographed)

Our orders have closed!

Thank you so much to all those who have placed your orders with us!
Do check this post and our twitter account for the latest updates on your albums^^

For any queries, do leave us a comment below or e-mail us at

Order Status (Only paid orders will be reflected.)

Singapore (last updated: 16th January; 11.00pm SGT)
1. Jasmine
2. Shawn
3. Effie
4. Halimah
5. Cassandra
6. Jennifer
7. Basheerah
8. Zen
9. Dionne
10. Nadia
11. Suhaila
12. Nur ‘Izzati
13. Jiayi
14. Siti
15. Shafiqah
16. Afiah
17. Jae Ling
18. Suet
19. Linnie
20. Debra
21. Eunice
22. Siti
23. Nicole (Order confirmed, e-mail inbox full – bounced back)
24. Aiisyah
25. Angela
26. Amanda
27. Clara
28. Aina
29. Hyun
30. Nurul

International (last updated: 16th January; 7.45pm SGT)
1. Eyunji (USA)
2. Justine Ereno (USA)
3. Vivian L. (USA)
4. Alicia (USA)
5. Jasmine Le (Australia)
6. Mary (USA)
7. Alvaro (USA)
8. Brenda Padilla (USA)
9. Marta (Spain)
10. Andrea (Canada)
11. New Sa-Nguansap (USA) Added 1 more album
12. Anh Pham (USA)
13. Lydia Penfold (USA)
14. Camille (France)
15. Charles Marine (France)
16. Jasmin Losilla (USA)
17. Mayz (USA)
18. Ying Yi Lau (Canada)
19. Sharon Nguyen (Australia)
20. Jewell Morton (USA)
21. Miye Kuwata (USA)
22. Bi (Vietnam)
23. Yoni (France)
23. Jasmine Flores (USA)

[Info] MYNAME 2nd single album group purchase via H2Media

2nd album

Source + Translation: H2Media via fancafe

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~

[Trans – Info] MYNAME 2ND SINGLE ALBUM album sales postponement and group orders refund

This is H2media.

We would first like to say sorry to all MYgirls.
MYNAME’s 2nd single album that was slated to be released in the beginning of October has been pushed back.

We are preparing a lot and putting in effort to show the fans a much better image,
and to show you songs with better quality and a more perfect performance,
the album and digital sales release, as well as the comeback stages have been postponed.

To the MYgirls who were anticipating and cheering for MYNAME’s 2nd single album,
we bow our heads and apologize.
We promise all those who are disappointed that we will come back with a better image in the shortest time possible.

As soon as the exact comeback date is confirmed, we will let MYgirls be the first to know.

Also, to all the MYgirls who participated in MYNAME’s 2nd single album group order this time,
please check the ‘Group order refund 공동구매 환불’ message board in the fancafe
and following the information given, we will quickly refund you the money when you request for it.

Once again, we’re sorry.
All the staff at H2media and all the MYNAME members will repay your anticipation with a much better image.

Thank You.

Source: H2Media
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS!

NOTE: MYNAMESG staff have asked H2media’s marketing manager, and she said that they will not be accepting group orders for the time being until they have confirmed the comeback date. Please wait a while for our notice on refunding your money. Thank you.