MYNAME The Beginning Concert pic

Source: @kor_celebrities

121217 MYNAME with gym trainer1357911689530

Source: Bittersweet Korea Total Fitness Naver Cafe

MYNAME with vocal instructor

To teacher Park Sungjun. Thank you for giving us beautiful voices. Please monitor us when we debut^^… We love you.

Source: 내가알지암만암만 @Fancafe
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~

JunQ vs Noona Childhood photo

Source: Fancafe

LOL Magazine Vol 4 Behind The Scenes

Source: Naver Blog via 건채규수용 @Fancafe

MYNAME in Japan Januray 2012

Source: @hotmamanews & @cancamtv

JunQ with his doctor

This photo was taken while JunQ was receiving treatment for his injured ankle.

Source: Kangnam Choice Hospital Blog via Fancafe

111110 M!Countdown Backstage

Source: mynamejapan

111109 Picnic

Source: Manager’s Twitter

111104 Music Bank Backstage

Source: mynamejapan

111030 Inkigayo Backstage

Source: mynamejapan

111028 Music Bank Backstage with Twilight

Source: @MYNAME_Fr

111102 Kuki Brunch

Source: @ KuKi_brunch

Source: AMORE @Fancafe

111027 MCountdown Backstage with MC Ding Dong

Source: Fancafe

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