[Trans – Interview] MYNAME “The Stage Is Our Playground. We Want To Succeed In Both Korea And Japan”

#. When Chaejin was in year 1 of high school, his tears flowed as soon as their Japan-bound plane took off. Missing his parents and home, he cried every night. For fear of being caught crying in the day time by the others, he opens the refrigerator door and cries into it. He couldn’t even be comforted by the older ones. Now, 5 years have since passed.

“Now, I gain weight every time I go to Japan. It’s now my second hometown. Haha.”

Chaejin’s smile was relaxed.

MYNAME(Chaejin·20, Gunwoo·26, Seyong·24, Insoo·27, JunQ·22) is back. They released ‘MYNAME 4th Single Album [Just Tell Me]’ on the 13th at noon.

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[Trans – Interview] MYNAME’s comeback “Thanks to MYgirls who waited for us!”

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[AsiaE Lee Geumjun reporter] Group MYNAME revealed their feelings after their comeback performance for their 3rd single ‘Day By Day’.

On the 9th at Uniqlo Ax Hall, Kwangjingu, Seoul after their comeback stage on MBC Music’s ‘Show! Champion’, MYNAME’s Gunwoo told AsiaE, “We are thankful to the many fans who came on our first comeback performance. We will work hard as hard in our promotions as we have prepared for it.”

Insoo revealed, “No matter how we perfected it during our preparations, the comeback performance will always be disappointing. We will work on our weaknesses and show you a more developed image. MYNAME will work hard on our promotions and always look forward to the future.”

Chaejin added, “I’m usually not the type to get nervous, but I was a little nervous for ‘Day By Day’. I’m happy that I successfully completed this comeback performance. We want to thank all MYgirls who have waited for us. We will work hard, so please watch over us.”

Meanwhile, MYNAME will release their third single album ‘Day By Day’ on the 11th on online music portals.

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[Trans – Interview] MYNAME “We’re not afraid of the October comeback chaos”

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Group MYNAME released their 3rd single album ‘Day by Day’ and are confidently throwing themselves into the chaos of October comebacks. In this difficult situation with over 10 groups making a comeback like IU, SHINee, T-ARA and more, there is not a trace of worry or fear on the members’ faces, and they look confident instead. What is their secret for keeping their smile in such tough conditions?

MYNAME rose up as the new K-pop stars with their huge Japanese promotions, but the truth is that they are still not recognized in Korea for their skills. Because of that, there is no doubt that the members want to imprint the name ‘MYNAME’ in the minds of K-pop fans.

But with the chaos of October, this is no easy feat. Contrary to expectations, the members showed bright expressions. The reason is their faith in the sweat and tears they shed while preparing for this comeback.

[Trans – Interview] Hip Hop’s godfather featured in MYNAME’s album… Very pleased

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“We’ve been practicing choreography to DEUX’s songs since our trainee period. Working with our idol made us nervous. We learnt a lot from Lee Hyundo senior. We have really found our strengths and weaknesses. It was a precious experience. Thanks to him, we also became more confident.”

Group MYNAME (Seyong, Insoo, Chaejin, Gunwoo, JunQ) collaborated with ‘hip hop’s godfather’ Lee Hyundo and released their 3rd single ‘Day By Day’. They met Lee Hyundo through their agency’s representative, Hwanhee.

Falling for MYNAME’s skills, Lee Hyundo showed his passion by writing, composing and even featuring in a rap on the album. This was the first time he participated in an idol’s album in his 20-year career.

Lee Hyundo said, “I was very surprised by their skills. If they go solo, I would like to work with them too. That’s how worthwhile this album is.” The MYNAME members also revealed, “A hip hop legend’s detailed advice and encouragement were a great source of strength for us.”