[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 161027

Already!!! It’s already 5 years thank you so much. I get strength from #MYgirls to get across my days. Thanks for rooting and watching over #MYNAME I’m sincerely grateful and thankful I love you!!

5th anniversary of Korean debut👏 Thank you! Thanks to MYgirls I’m able to be here! Let’s continue to run together more in future😘 I’m always with a thankful heart always love you all💕 #myname #mygirl #5th anniversary

Thanks for watching over us during these 5 years #mygirl

Always with a thankful heart and let’s continue to run forever I love and thank you…! #mygirl #MYNAME #5th Anniversary #MYNAME #

That was very difficult…….


Everyone! It’s going to be a really funny #musical, so please come out to see us! We’ve been working hard, so please look forward to the show.

Want to see you guys, I miss you We’ll be starting round two of the ticket sales since there’s still some left, so hurry~~💕I’m working hard on the present that I’ll be giving out to you guys 👍🏼
#myname #mygirl

Just like my heart

Source: Insoo’s, Seyong’s, JunQ’s and Chaejin’s Twitter and Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~

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