[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 160227

#Honganji #myname #mygirl #Gunwoo #Seyong I’m going to work hard tomorrow! Gunwoo’s live is on the 28th! I’m looking forward to it! Everyone sleep well💕

There’s only one show left…! I’m going to hold back my sadness and fears, and make sure that it’ll be the best Honganji stage to show everyone!!! Thank you so much everyone

Today is Seyong’s final play performance for his first theatrical show it should be on-going now. I’ll give strength and hope that it ends safely^^and hwaiting to all the actors too❤️

Happiness…it’s because of everyone..💋⚔

Thank you thank you!

#morohoshi sama and #honganji #myname #mygirl thank you for helping me so much with everything

#Honganji #MYNAME #mygirl Thank you so much everyone…😭

#Honganji #myname #mygirl Thank you so much…I love you all…seriously

Insuti got pissed too..💕 #myname #mygirl #honganji Sano!!! Thank you!! Thanks for becoming such a great friend. I’m so happy! You’re so handsome…….

I will do well tomorrow❤️

Source: Gunwoo’s and Seyong’s Twitter and Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~

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