[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 160119


I”m alive🤒⚽️ I’ll try as hard as possible!!

Thanks for the many fans that came today too! I’ll come soon

Enjoyed.I like these kids…their skin is great manse~~ #Seventeen #MYNAME #MyGirl #ISAC #futsal

Yoon Doojoon~Yoon Doojoon Jeong Taekwoon~Jeong Taekwoon beauty starlights hard..🤒🤒🤔🤔 Mygirls are fabulous👍we’ll meet when it ends💕

Where are you I’m leaving let’s meet

Everyone always come to the gathering

Post the proof-shot if you receive the futsal shoes go go

Enjoyable day🍀

I know (Source : Comfort .. | Naver blog) http://me2.do/FpUkTudV

Everyone it was very very hard on you from all the staff Doojun-yi hyung Leo hyung Sam hyung..you’re not singers but players..My friend Dongjun too was hard on you and also our team!! MYgirl too it was really hard for you as it’s really chilly 오! Thank you! Becareful of catching a cold🤒

Cheering from the seats Doojun-yi hyung from trainee days and we were close and Leo became close because of soccer it’s hard to choose who to cheer! Fans shouted the names to cheer together with their voices.. When the names were shouted please forget the misunderstanding in writing. Sorry. There’s no

Other meaning! Both hyungs are always nice from our long relationship… I hope there’s no misunderstanding cheering without their title.. shouting only the name because I saw it in writing I’m sorry! I like both teams and feel upset of the misunderstanding. I’m sorry

And! Lastly! Today we’ve suffered because of the chilly weather I love you💕

Source: Gunwoo’s, Seyong’s, and Chaejin’s Twitter and Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~


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