[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 151226

Happy Birthday to Chaejinseokie🤓🎊

#typinggenuischaejinseok21thbirthday 🎂 #Myname#Mygirl

Thanks hyungs 21st #birthday thank you

21st #birthday thank you..!🙏🏻

The report came.. but #typinggenuischaejinseok21thbirthday 💕 #mine #devil the heart you love hasn’t changed

I’m so sorry I couldn’t go to day because I had to practice for my upcoming musical. But my thoughts and feelings are with you guys there, so let’s cheer everyone on together ☝#typinggenuischaejinseok21thbirthday #MYNAME #mygirl

Today there’s an event but I have a rehearsal for my play so I’m not able to attend let’s support both together !!! Haesso

Work hard!!!!!

MYgirl is jjangjjang (best) girl I acknowledge that I’m slow in #typing I acknowledge that I don’t like to to share a room with #Seyong rascal I acknowledge that #MYgirl is the best I’m happy today #acknowledge #December26 #birthday #arigato #thankyou other MYgirls I will thank you by making a video…!🙏🏻

I’ve written a letter everyone please check


Thank you for #MYgirls who congratulated my #birthday!! #typinggenuischaejinseok21thbirthday and congratulating with the tag. I will watch from time to time tomorrow too. I will eat delicious food together tomorrow instead and have a happy day~ Thank you. MY MYgirl thank you for being #MYNAME’s MYgirl..!😳

Hello #I’m typing genius Chaejin hehe today I’m thankful for receiving alot of congratulatory letters. It has already been my fifth birthday since I debuted!! Although I’ve spent it in Japan but I felt great when we had the fanmeeting in Korea I’ve received alot of well-wishes it was a like a happy time at work..!
I have read and watched well all the videos, photos and letters on fancafe
I didn’t expect to receive so much well-wishes,, it’s like the best day of the year
Everyone thank you and thank you,,! I’ve completed my last scheulde and came to our dorm and it’s soon the end of my birthday hehe
It’s really really a pity but tomorrow because I’m going back to Korea my heart is excitedd!! Thank you and sorry for not always being at MYgirl’s side
Nevertheless there will be alot of activities next year please wait for a while do not cheat on me hehe
Everyone have a nice dream I love you…!

1 minute left let’s wait and see Chaejinseokie

Source: Gunwoo’s, Insoo’s, Seyong’s, JunQ’s and Chaejin’s Twitter and Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~

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