[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 151217

Cold isn’t it..? don’t catch a cold

Codename 9999

What..? On the third time I heard quite alot that our child said that they will work hard to get 6000 comments…? Employees let’s do this once.? Our cafe has approximately 7000 comments let’s try for 9999 comments. Holiday season let’s start work for 99999 comments I will give you a gift for Vingle>_<

Let’s warm up together




We kept our promise! It’s a lot of venues, but we’ll make sure we put our all into each concert! We definitely want our 2016 concerts to be successful! Is everyone ready~?!~?!

I learnt Japanese hard I’ll translate for all of you >_< Japan concert will be a nationwide tour we kept our promise we cherish every performance 2016 too let's hwaiting! this is the information when will Korea's turn be-? I've been asked if we have the confidence? let's do this in Korea too!!

In 2016, MYNAME will be traveling far to see mygirls in areas outside of tokyo. To us, it’s not important how far these places are! So if we were to have a concert at a bigger venue in tokyo, will you guys come from all over Japan? Promise? We’ve kept our side of the promise!💕

This time we will go to other provinces to see MYgirls let’s find a bigger venue in Tokyo will you all come~? Promise we’ll keep the promise~ what’s this.. translator went crazy!!!

Vingle 10000 comments gift official fancafe wink bomb

My house’s cutie💕

Source: Gunwoo’s, Insoo’s, Seyong’s and JunQ’s Twitter and Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~


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