[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 150923

Ah ramyeon craving #MYgirl craving

At this late hour good night…💭

Good morning^^(Overslept…)


Let’s exercise together~?!!! Appearance is important but for health reasons let’s work out together💕 Flabby arms? Diet? I want to do it together with you! Others are not important! https://youtu.be/gHkUiyCZrlQ #pocketboyfriend #MYNAME #mygirl #Seyong

9/26 #MYNAME we’re going to Hong Kong! Hong Kong #mygirl everyone! please give us your utmost support! It’s our first time to Hong Kong everyone it will be fun if you welcome us!! #hongkong #myname #mygirl

Source: Gunwoo’s, Insoo’s, Seyong’s and Chaejin’s Twitter and Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~c

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