[Trans – Blog] 150701 A Concert Tour Is Like A Movie

Remembering the concert tour as a movie

A time to get to know me more. A concert of progress.
Heart. The time when sincerity comes.
A new beginning
where another new me has to go out…

Today…It’s not easy to write about today….;

It was a month filled with a mix of many emotions.

While preparing for this concert tour
there were lots of difficult emotions and time to deal with
so I think I wasn’t able to put up my best performance.
I feel a little down but…
I feel like it ended well through the support of many people.

Everytime we finish a big schedule, just like how I felt before going on a picnic in my childhood,
I feel weird.

When did little Gunwoo become adult Gunwoo….

I should remember this dream-like feeling as though it’s a movie.

This is a letter to the fans.

To the fans who filled up the concert venue,
Thank you very much. Thank you again for giving us your precious time to come to the concert.

Because of you, singer Gunwoo exists, and because of you, I continue to sing.

I want to express my thanks to every single fan who treasures us, but I’m sorry I can’t do that.

I’m also sorry for being a singer who feels touched by his fans, when I’m supposed to be the one who moves you emotionally.

Everyone, let’s grow old together like this, like a family.

If we could do that, there is nothing else I wish for.
I want to always sing in front of all of you.

I will work hard and think more for myself and for all of you.
And even though I don’t change much, I won’t be an overturned person.

I’m always thankful to everyone.
There’s a limit to expressing myself through words, so I’ll stop here.

Once again, thank you.

I love you..

Source: Gunwoo’s Blog
Translation: MYNAMESG


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