[Trans – Blog] 150629 Concert

To me a concert is…

Just like my home ground.

With the people who like me and the group I’m in, MYNAME,
and those who are interested in us…

The place we can sing with the most fun and sincerity.

While promoting in Korea and Japan, we had many events,
But I think I enjoy concerts the most.

I’m not the type who speaks well,
and I’m not even a fun person.

But at a concert, I’m devoted to my emotions,
and I become more honest.

Maybe it’s because of that, I smile a lot more,
And on the flip side, if I try to suppress my emotions, my tears just start flowing.
I’m not a cry baby……

The biggest charm of a concert
Is that we feel the same emotions as the people in the same place through songs…

I express the emotions that I feel
through songs, and we become one without any explanations.
It’s the charm of the space and time that’s full of those feelings.

The wish that I pray for everyday,
it might make you cringe,
but I think about it everyday.
I want to be a person who’s most beautiful when he sings on stage.

At tomorrow’s concert too,
I want to sing to make good memories,
where we can be happy together through songs.

Source: Gunwoo’s Blog
Translation: MYNAMESG

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