[Trans – Blog] 150613 Habits

I touch my nose a lot.

I touch my eyes a lot.

I touch my chin a lot.

I keep looking at the time.

I hum to songs.

I listen to softer songs after 1am.

I listen to a lot of Younha songs in the morning.

I don’t eat much after 7pm.

I fight off sleep.

I fall asleep the moment I hit the sack.

I wash my face first when I shower.

I look up at the sky once a day.

I think about my family at least 10 times a day.

I use Kakaotalk.

I look at Line.

I look at people without reason.

I put on a straight face.

I call Chaejin ‘Janseok’ a few times without reason.

I look at the mirror for no reason.

I play games.

I buy books and look only at the covers.

I use Sns.

I blog.

I look at interior design blogs often.

I read foreign soccer news everyday.

I read Manchester United news everyday.

I sleep according to my alarm.

I watch a lot of melodramatic movies.

I look for pretty alcohol.

I learn to blog.

I don’t talk on the phone much.

I hate troublesome work.

Recently, I feel good everyday.

Source: Gunwoo’s Blog
Translation: MYNAMESG


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