[Trans – Blog] 150611 Morning Cafe

The weather is good.

It doesn’t seem like it in the photo

But it’s really hot.

It’s expected to rain tomorrow….

Where is this?

I had a little bit of free time before our schedule starts today.

I came to a cafe nearby.

But this cafe….

Isn’t it really pretty…?
This kind of cafe… It’s really been a while….

I can’t capture everything in photos
but it’s decorated prettily in detail.
I think the other patrons would think the same way too.

I usually like to look at well decorated places, and I like the little meaning behind details.

The title of this book is Nemo.

I thought it would be interesting and opened the book…
But this was written in too much detail…
I’m dizzy….

This book is a sports instruction guide? Or something like that.

The photos looked like
the characters I used to see in my childhood books.

I suddenly thought of my childhood^^

This is the cafe menu, and it was made on soft paper.
Uhmm…It doesn’t look like a menu…but the pictures look good and I want to try some…
But now I should go for my schedule. I think I will upload this post at the end of the first part of my schedule?


Me today.

Hwaiting for today too^^

Source: Gunwoo’s Blog
Translation: MYNAMESG


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