[Trans – Blog] 150607 First Off Day In A While

It’s our first off day in a while
Preparing to shop for the first time in a while
The weather today is really hot…

The cats are in some sort of pram .
They’re all sleeping. What’s going on..?
I prefer dogs to cats,
but I’m starting to like cats now.
The weather is awesome today.

The sky is pretty, the streets are pretty, and the people here are cool too

It starts now.

Shopping starts.

Coming out to a crowded place on our off day in a while,

and it feels awkward.

I usually hate walking or moving about a lot
so I usually stay home on my off days.
But today, coming out to a crowded place,
it’s a little awkward but I feel good.

The weather is also really good.

Walking around like that,

I got hungry.

I went to eat udon.
I’ve been here once or twice before,
but it’s the tastiest today.

After eating, I walked about some more.

Before going home…

A cup of coffee.

Ahh this is good.

But I wasn’t alone.

I spent the day with JunQ

Our first off day in a while.
Because we went out, walked and looked and lots of stuff,
we got tired quickly.

So we went straight home.

I bought a few good items and pretty clothes.
We also met a few fans along the way.
We had a fruitful day off.

We should focus back on work starting tomorrow.

Source: Gunwoo’s Blog
Translation: MYNAMESG


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