[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 150524

Our MYgirls~ We are just wrapping up practice now. For MYgirls who can’t sleep! Goodnight and let’s have fun together tomorrow!!! #JustTellMe #MYNAME #concert #tomorrow

#MYNAME #concert #MYgirl Those who are ready to have fun today, hands up!!! MYgirl Are You Ready? Scream~~👆👆

It’s about an hour before the start of MYNAME’s #concert! Have you guys warmed up and are the fanchants ready? Let’s have crazy fun!!! Don’t bother about those around you and leave it all to us! Scream~~!!!!

Did you guys have fun today? Thanks to you guys, we also had lots of fun today~ Go home safely and rest well tomorrow~ I really really love you. Also, I wasn’t crying just now!! I love you all^^

Thank you so much to all those who came today! We are still lacking a lot but MYNAME will keep progressing!! And we’ll become even better! With you guys around, there is nothing to be afraid of, and I felt that today!! Thank you

Source: Chaejin, Seyong, Gunwoo’s Twitter/Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

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