[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 150523

[#MYNAME] The #MYNAME members are practicing for the concert! From the picture, which performance are they practicing for? Please wait a day more^^!

#MusicCore #TuneIn !! Also, see you at the #fansigning >< Ahh also, #concert D-1 !!! Wear comfortable shoes and let's jump together!!!! #concert #MusicCore #JustTellMe

You’re tired of waiting right? #Innisfree #PlayGreen #CF Handkerchief picnic^^ http://m.innisfree.co.kr/event/playgreen2015/m/index.jsp#NMuh4d6ieTo … Tomorrow!Concert! Grab a friend and run over #concert #MYNAME

[#MYNAME] It’s been a while since we met MYgirls up close and had eye contact while talking to one another! Today was fun and we’re happy^^ See you tomorrow at 7pm!

Source: MYNAME, Insoo, Seyong’s Twitter/Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

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