[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 150522

I’ll be back! いてきます! I’ll be right back #MusicBank pre-recording! Please eat a lot before coming! #concert #MelonAXHall #MYNAME 5/24 7pm! Let’s practice for the concert! Practice the fanchants! Let’s start practicing loudly today!

Music Bank in just a little while. #JustTellMe The 24th is MYNAME’s concert✅✅ AX Hall D-2

I got a copy too!! #맨즈헬스 #MensHealth Head Of Department #JungAh #mensmagazine Noona, thank you! Also, #24th #concert D-2 !!! Be careful when coming for #MusicCore #prerecording tomorrow, all #MYgirls today #JustTellMe #Good #Good

Source: Seyong, JunQ, Insoo’s Twitter/Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG


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