[Trans – Tweets] 150521

#엠MCountdown #MYNAME #MYgirl Let’s go for MCountdown!!! MYgirl, please take care of us today too!! Ahh! #MYNAME_Concert 5/24 #MelonAXHall 7pm! Those who want to have fun with MYNAME come over here!!

[#MYNAME] #MYNAME members’The Third Promise’ welcome message for MYgirls https://youtu.be/zmw3ycQxhcQ

Look forward to it!!!

MYNAMEの “딱말해”お! 6月7日 東京で! ぼくだちの せんせいが workshopお します! checkして ください!! きょみが あるひとは! いこ!!

Source: Seyong & MYNAME’s Twitter
Translation: MYNAMESG


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