[Trans – Blog] 150606 Friday, June 5th. First Day Of Concert Tour

Finally today, June 5th, the first day of our Japanese concert tour.
It was raining again today.
We move our bodies a lot during a concert, so the weather has to be good for us to feel good and our condition to be good.
But why does it have to rain today, of all days..
But the 5 of us are putting together pretty photos,
and since it’s the first day of the tour, the weather doesn’t bother us and we are in good condition and feel good.

While rehearsing, I asked myself how I should show myself today.
The conclusion was that I don’t think I can show my best today.
But there is tomorrow, and I have the rest of the tour to show my charms… I should show more each time.
Now, my blog is starting to shape up into a full story with every post.

These aren’t photos that I took, but I personally like them.
It might be because it’s black and white, but we look even cooler.
I looked at each of the other members during the concert, and I think they’re really cool.
I should do well too.

10 minutes before the concert started.
I was a little nervous but at that time, I told myself to enjoy the moment.

There were things lacking and slight problems today,
but I believe it will get better tomorrow and throughout the rest of the tour.

In any case, I feel really good that the first day of our concert ended well.
My throat hurts so I should eat some medicine and sleep now.
Let’s work harder tomorrow

Source: Gunwoo’s Blog
Translation: MYNAMESG

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