[Trans – Blog] 150604 Today

Today’s start.
It rained in the morning.
It felt like the day will be long and tough.
But for some reason, I feel good.

We arrived at the practice room.
There is a unicorn.
What’s this…?

Starting our rehearsals for our Japanese concert tour
which starts on June 5th, Friday.

Every show has a different cue sheet,
so it’s complicated.

But we’ll have fun^^

I don’t know who took this… It looks like I was angry.

Insoo and Jinseok seem to be tired…

So so I thought. But only Insoo was tired
And Jinseok kept looking at funny photos on his phone…..

JunQ was practicing a lot alone…..

After working too hard.. There was an accident with his socks… So..

While rehearsing non-stop, I went out for a while

It wasn’t captured well in this photo
but it was so bright?
It’s hard to explain, but it was very pretty and clean?
I was surprised to see such a place.
I didn’t know our rehearsal venue was at such a place…

I went to practice and came out again later on.
I love the Japanese sky at around 4~6pm.

This doesn’t happen every time I’m in Japan
but I try to look at the evening sky as much as I can.
The aura is different and there is so much to feel.
Today’s diary ends here.

I should sleep.

Source: Gunwoo’s Blog
Translation: MYNAMESG


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