[Trans – News] MYNAME Parodies EXID, “We Feel Naked Wearing Hot Pants”

[TV Report = Kim Yena reporter] MYNAME parodied EXID during their 2nd Korean concert.

MYNAME held their solo concert ‘The Third Promise’ on the 24th at Seoul’s AX Korea. It’s their first solo concert in Korea in 2 years and 2 months, and they put up exciting performances and had special events with their fans. For over 2 hours, they sang 17 songs.

The five members of MYNAME also dressed up as girl group EXID and performec ‘Up & Down’. They appeared on stage in white shirts and black hot pants with wigs. Member Insoo was dressed as Solji, JunQ was L.E, Gunwoo was Hani, Chaejin was Hyelin and Seyong was Junghwa.

Channeling EXID’s sexiness, MYNAME couldn’t hide their embarrassment and said, “We told many people that the guest for tonight’s concert is EXID, but it’s actually us.”

They also talked about cross-dressing and said, “We’re wearing hot pants, but it feels as though we don’t have bottoms on. We feel naked. We keep worrying that our underpants would show. Women are amazing. Our wigs keep going into our mouths and nostrils too. We see how female singers are amazing now.”

Looking towards the audience, they added “Mom, Dad, we’re sorry. We are working hard. The people most shocked to see us today like this must be our family.” With the encouraging reaction at their cross-dressing attempt, MYNAME said, “We should go with this concept for our next song.”

Source: TV Report
Translation: MYNAMESG

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