[Trans – News] MYNAME’s Point In ‘Just Tell Me’ Music Video

[Energy Kyungje News Kang Bora intern reporter] MYNAME personally talked about their music video for ‘Just Tell Me’ on ‘MV Bank’.

On the May 20th episode of KBS2 TV ‘MV Bank – Stardust’, MYNAME were the guests in the music video segment.

MYNAME makes the shape of a female’s lips with their hands to express ‘Just Tell Me’ in their choreography.

When asked about the concept of their music video, leader Gunwoo explained, “Rather than a choreographed dance, we matched each member’s concept to create a storyline to make it fun to watch.” On the hardest part about filming the music video, he added, “JunQ had the hardest time filming with the girls.”

Insoo closed off the interview by saying, “Compared to the cheeky concept of ‘Too Very So Much’, we’ve become hotter guys now. We hope to create more good memories with our fans.”

‘MV Bank – Stardust’ introduces behind-the-scenes stories of music video filming and the singers talk about their feelings about it. THis show goes on air every Wednesday at 12.35am.

Source: Energy Kyungje News
Translation: MYNAMESG

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