[Trans – News] MYNAME Came Out To Defend Their Korean Fandom

[TV Report = Kim Yena Reporter] MYNAME made their debut in 2011 and advanced into the Japanese market in 2012. They have been promoting in both countries since then. Because of that, there has always been disappointment in their lack of focus on Korean promotions. With the consecutive release of albums in 2015, MYNAME have come to defend their Korean fandom.

On the evening of May 24th, MYNAME held their solo concert ‘The Third Concert’ at Seoul’s AX Korea. In their first concert in 2 years and 2 months, MYNAME showed fancy performances and had special events for their fans. The 5 members of MYNAME, Gunwoo, Insoo, Seyong, JunQ and Chaejin, sang about 20 songs for over 2 hours.

Right from the start, MYNAME belted out their title tracks ‘Too Very So Much, ‘Just That Little Thing’, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, ‘Day By Day’ and ‘Hello & Goodbye’. After the passionate performances, MYNAME took a breath and sat on the prepared stools on stage.

◆ MYNAME keeps promise to their Korean fans

“It’s our first Korean concert in a long time so the reaction was hot. There were things we were worried about when we started but we’re okay now. When we have concerts, naturally our sweat and spit would come out. Please look forward to more,” said MYNAME, showing their anticipation for the rest of the concert.

About the title of their concert ‘The Third Promise’, they explained, “We made 3 promises to our fans. The first thing the fans wanted was for us to make a quick comeback in Korea, so we released ‘Just Tell Me’. Secondly, they wanted us to be healthy, and finally, the third promise was to have a Korean concert. We’re able to keep that promise today.”

MYNAME said, “All these while, we’ve only performed our title tracks on music shows. But tonight, we will perform our other songs as well. Let’s all enjoy,” bringing up the mood at the concert.

◆ MYNAME transforms prettily like EXID

MYNAME transformed into 5-member girl group and performed their hit song ‘Up & Down’. MYNAME appeared on stage in white shirts and black hot pants with wigs. Insoo played the part of Solji, JunQ was L.E, Gunwoo was Hani, Chaejin was Hyelin and Seyong was Junghwa.

MYNAME were not able to hide their embarrassment and said, “We told many people that EXID will be the guest for our concert. But it’s actually us.”

Talking about cross-dressing, MYNAME added, “We’re wearing hot pants today and it felt like we weren’t wearing any bottoms. We feel naked. We were so worried that our underpants would show through. Women are amazing. The wigs kept going into our mouth and nostrils. I think female singers are amazing.”

MYNAME went on saying, “Mom and Dad, we’re sorry. We’re working hard. I think our parents are the most shocked at how we look now.” When fans responded warmly to their cross-dressing, MYNAME added, “We should go with this concept for our next album.”

◆ MYNAME are confident of future progress

MYNAME prepared various corners for their official fanclub MYgirl. Through a lucky draw, they gave away huge framed photos, took photos on the spot and even sang a proposal song, making sweet memories with their fans. They also battled out their charms with commercial parodies and dance performances.

Just before they ended the concert, MYNAME said, “Thank you to everyone who came to our concert today. It’s been a while since our last Korean concert. We want to send you off with light steps. It was fun. We will become even better this year. Please watch out for us.”

Leader Gunwoo said through tears, “We held many concerts in Japan, and our anticipation for a Korean concert was huge. We kept asking ourselves ‘Why isn’t this working?’ but after tonight’s concert, I think everything will be okay. We had a tough time in the past, but that’s over now.”

The youngest Chaejin could barely make it through the song while crying, and the other members’ faces were filled with similar emotions. They ended the concert with ‘Replay’, ‘Light (Gift)’, and an encore performance of ‘Message’ and ‘Crush On You’.

Source: TV Report
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~


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