[Trans – Interview] MYNAME “Don’t Compare Us Anymore. We Will Win With Our Own Style”

[BNT News Kim Yena reporter] “We want to get #1 this year. No, we will get #1.”

We recently interviewed MYNAME (Gunwoo, Insoo, JunQ, Seyong, Chaejin) who kept their promise to their fans with the recent release of their 4th single album ‘Just Tell Me’. MYNAME, who are back just 3 months after the release of their previous song ‘Too Very So Much’, revealed, “This is the first time we’re making a comeback this quick. We’re really happy.”

“I’m very happy to make a comeback in such a short time after finishing out promotions for ‘Too Very So Much’, and to be able to keep our promise to our fans. We usually make our comebacks after a year, which is quite a long time. We are planning to hold lots of events and even hold a concert for our fans with the promotions of ‘Just Tell Me’ so please look forward to it.”(JunQ)

▲ ‘Just Tell Me’ is tailored to fit MYNAME

With much vigor from the start, their new song ‘Just Tell Me’ brings out the members’ confidence. ‘Too Very So Much’ is more playful and cheeky, while ‘Just Tell Me’ is an upgraded version with more charismatic and manly vibes. MYNAME’s short explanation for this was “We finally found the right clothes that fit us.”

“During ‘Too Very So Much’, something was awkward about us. The genre and vibe of the song is very different from our usual style, so people watching it would think ‘What’s this?’ On the other hand, ‘Just Tell Me’ fits us just right, so people watching it will go ‘Ah!’ To put it simply, ‘Just Tell Me’ changes the question mark into an exclamation mark for us.”(Gunwoo)

“Honestly, we’ve been feeling like we’re wearing mismatched outfits on stage. We’ve even heard a lot of nasty comments from people. We worked hard on reforming ourselves to fit those clothes. Because of that, ‘Just Tell Me’ is a lot more natural and our true image is shown on stage.”(Insoo)

MYNAME chose a ‘natural’ performance as the most impressionable. When talking about losing energy on stage, Gunwoo expressed his thoughts by saying, “We don’t get nervous or compare ourselves to other groups anymore. It doesn’t matter who is cooler or more popular. What matters is that we show who we really are on stage.”

“I think all 5 of us have personal goals now. 5 years ago we didn’t know our own characters or styles, but now, it shows clearly on stage. I think this is the greatest possession for a group that’s been around for 5 years.”(Gunwoo)

“We want to show a character that doesn’t burden others. The most important thing to us is to show facial expressions or gestures that would highlight each member’s characters on stage for a greater impact. That’s how we can put on a natural performance.”(Insoo)

“We’re more relaxed now. We’ve done lots of performances overseas and had many solo concerts and events as MYNAME so every single gesture is more natural now. We’re pleased with it.”(JunQ)

“Even if we’re not promoting in Korea, we are performing overseas. Since we have a lot of experience performing during that time, each member has the know-hows on expressing their individuality. When members of other groups come together, they become 1. For us, we focus on each member’s personalities and the synergy adds 5 more to that.”(Seyong)

▲ Solo concert on the 24th. “Look forward to a uniting concert”

MYNAME will be having their solo Korean concert ‘2015 The Greatest Stories – The Third Promise’. Having had many concerts overseas, this solo Korean concert will be meaningful for MYNAME and their fans alike. “We will show our Korean fans what we couldn’t before,” promised MYNAME.

“We hope this will be a concert that shows how much we’ve grown. The fans and the members will be able to acknowledge one another. There may also be people watching us for the first time that day, so we will put in our best and not disappoint them.”(Insoo)

“We hope we can have some time to talk with the fans. We will be able to show unseen performances in this concert. We will do our best, so I hope many of you will enjoy it.”(Chaejin)

“We really wanted to do a Korean concert all along. We’re so excited that it’s becoming a reality. Communicating with the fans on stage is important, but I hope the five of us can have fun on stage too. If we’re able to do that, the fans watching would also have more fun.”(JunQ)

“With this concert as a stepping stone, we hope to be able to hold a bigger concert at the end of the year. With the thought of fastening the first button well, we will show you a good concert.”(Seyong)

Finally, leader Gunwoo added, “MYNAME’s ultimate goal is to be able to make good music for many people for a long time. Our main job is as singers. Not forgetting that, we will always strive for bigger goals as singers.”

“I want us to be more honest and closer to the fans. Just looking at Shinhwa, they are the epitome of long-lasting idols. Using that as an example, we want to go on for a long time.”(Gunwoo)

In the fierce idol group competition, MYNAME’s plan to win over the public with their “synergy” shows their impressionable confidence. With the confident mind and individually strong characters that goes well locally and overseas, we are looking forward to MYNAME making their mark on the music industry.

Meanwhile, MYNAME’s solo concert ‘The Third Promise’ will be held on May 24th, 7pm at AX Korea, Gwangjang-dong, Seoul.

Source: BNT News
Translation: MYNAMESG

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