[Trans – News] MYNAME-EXID Are Gaining Attention For Their Close Friendship In Their Friendly Waiting Room Photo

[Economy Today Gwak Mingu reporter] The photo of MYNAME and EXID in the waiting room have becoming a hot topic after being released.

The photo was released on the 17th through MYNAME’s official Twitter account with the caption “We are supporting one another!! It’s nice to see the two busy groups together! Hwaiting for next week too!”

The photo shows MYNAME in fancy stage outfits with EXID backstage at Inkigayo. The two groups seem to be close with their bright smiles and peace sign poses, showing their warm senior-junior relationship.

MYNAME and EXID were on the 17th May episode of SBS Inkigayo performing their respective title Tracks ‘Just Tell Me’ and ‘A YEAH’.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Are MYNAME and EXID close?”, “They have a warm senior-junior relationship”, “MYNAME and EXID, good luck to both teams.”

Meanwhile, MYNAME are promoting their latest song ‘Just Tell Me’ and will be having their solo concert ‘The Third Promise’ on the 24th.

Source: Economy Today
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~


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