[Trans – News] MYNAME’s Insoo Shows Off His Abs “Just Tell Me You Love Me”

[Energy Kyungje Kang Bora intern reporter] MYNAME’s Insoo revealed his abs on ‘MV Bank’.

On the 6th May episode of KBS 2TV ‘MV Bank – Stardust’, MYNAME created a buzz during their ‘Question Room’ mission.

In the ‘abs reveal’ mission, member Insoo revealed his abs. On the show, Insoo’s abs were shown 3 times as a fan service present.

In the ‘Speak with your body’ segment, the members had to strike the same pose based on the keyword given, which was the title of their song ‘Just Tell Me’. All the members succeeded with the point choreography by imitating a talking mouth with their hands.

Centered around stories of their music videos, ‘MVBank – Stardust’ tells the back stories of the latest albums and the stars’ true feelings. This show airs every Wednesday at 12.35am.

Source: Energy Kyungje
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~

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