[Trans – News] MYNAME, ‘Too VERY So Much’ Energy Is Displayed In ‘Just Tell Me’… Album Release Today (13th)

[TVreport = Kim Yena reporter] Group MYNAME has released their 4th single album ‘Just Tell Me’.

“’Just Tell Me’ was released at noon today, and it is an addictive song with a simple melody and witty lyrics. This album includes 5 songs including ‘Get Ready’ which has a strong synth sound, “I Love You My Girl’, which is a love song for the fans, an intro song ‘OOPARTS’, and ‘I Can’t Seem To Sleep Well’ which was written by members Seyong and JunQ,” revealed MYNAME’s agency’s representatives on the 13th.

Following the hype and attention they received for their song ‘Too Very So Much’ last February, MYNAME collaborated again with composer Kim Gunwoo and producign team 220volt to produce ‘Just Tell Me’.

The agency representatives said, “This album is filled with the musical direction that MYNAME wants, more so than any other albums. They plan to meet their fans more often with music broadcasts and such, so please look forward to it.”

MYNAME will be holding a solo concert on the 24th of May, 7pm at AX Hall.

Source: TV Report
Translation: MYNAMESG

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