[Trans – Editorial] MYNAME’s Transformation Into Upgraded Hip Hop Rascals With ‘Just Tell Me’

Special | Hip Hip Rascals MYNAME! Introducing the filming venue for ‘Just Tell Me’ MV!
MYNAME is back with their 4th single album ‘Just Tell Me’ and we “just want to tell them” that we might fall hard for them because they are so cool. With this being their fastest Korean comeback since their debut, MYNAME is showing an upgraded look from their previous album’s concept of playful hip hop rascals. We will now show you these rascals’ funky hip hop style from their music video filming location to the Melon family!

Single | MYNAME ‘Just Tell Me’

MYNAME is back with their 4th single album ‘Just Tell Me’ after only a month and a half after their previous album. The hip hop song has a funky rhythm mixed with trap sound in the bass line, and was produced by the same team that produced their previous song ‘Too Very So Much’. The team includes BlueBridge’s lead composer Kim Gunwoo, who produced for MC Mong, Supremeteam, Blue Band and many other hip hop artists, and producing team 220volt.

With an addictive yet simple melody, and witty lyrics, the song brings the individual personalities of the members together. It sings of the feelings of a boy who is in love with a girl, but he is too daft and playfully immature. an upgrade from the last album, this title track has a funky and upbeat hip hop sound that is raising expectations.

Story | MYNAME’s fun MV filming location and behind the scenes

So many shoes, who will be wearing them?

The stars of the shoot are MYNAME, who are getting made up for a cool music video shoot!

Who is the star of this shiny jacket that was photographed while everyone was busily preparing?? Drum roll~

It’s JunQ! JunQ is putting in everything to prepare for the music video filming.

Before the start of filming, the members were talking among themselves, playing games or resting~ Was leader Gunwoo jealous of JunQ’s outfit? He couldn’t stop touching JunQ’s clothes.

MYNAME are fully into filming! As soon as filming started, the playful image we saw in the dressing room disappears and in it’s place was an image full of charisma. You want to “just tell them” that they’re so handsome that you’re falling for them, right? If you’re curious to see MYNAME’s strong charisma, you can see it in the music video!

How was MYNAME’s carefree music video shoot? This was the filming location of MYNAME’s ‘Just Tell Me’ music video. Although they stayed up all night filming, their smiles never ceased and they had lots of fun!
From 마이네임 | To MelOn

GW: This is MYNAME!! I love Melon. I love you a lot!!
IS: Lovely Melon family. Please pray for MYNAME’s success.
JQ: Melon Family!! ‘Just Tell Me’!! Please give us your love!!
CJ: To Melon Family. MYNAME is back with ‘Just Tell Me’ after a month!! Please support us~
SY: To Melon. Everyone, please listen to ‘Just Tell Me’. Please click the like button.

Source: Melon Music Story
Translation: MYNAMESG

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