[Trans – News] BoA vs Girls’ Day vs MYNAME, ‘Asia’s Stars Face Off With Idols’

[Parts unrelated to MYNAME have been omitted]

▶MYNAME released ‘Just Tell Me’ on the 13th

Idol group MYNAME is back after sharpening their knives. They released their single album “Just Tell Me’ on 13th May. This is their comeback after 1 year and 4 months. It’s a long break that is rarely seen amongst idol groups. They have already been attracting attention for their fancy stage performances on terrestrial television music programs.

This album has 5 songs including the title track “Just Tell Me”, “Get Ready”, “I Love You My Girl”, “OOPARTS” and “I Can’t Seem To Sleep Well”. The title track “Just Tell Me” has a trendy trap beat bridge over the traditional hiphop groove. The song is gaining attention for its addictive melody and playful lyrics.

They held a surprise guerrilla concert on the streets of Hongdae on the 10th at 7pm to the warm support of fans. They hope to rank on the charts with the good reaction towards their tv appearances and guerrilla concert.

What will be the outcome of the these idols’ winning move after sharpening their knives for a year and 4 months?

Source: Enews24
Translation: MYNAMESG

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