[Trans – Tweets/Instagram] 150402

After I hurt my waist I have been trying to find a suitable excersise .. Finally I started to get treatmeant and excersise together and from that I managed to get same results without long term excerise ater starting #EMStraning.For you I will start again #MYgirl #feelness

http://cafe.daum.net/myname2011 I’ve uploaded a video on fancafe! I’m also uploaded! Watch watch ㅋㅋㅋ Ah memories It’s raining today too bring your umbrellas today too!!

Come to think of it after our goodbye stage I didn’t say farewell properly.. Maybe I felt that we will meet again soon. #too very so much promotions real good work with you I feel happier like my battery #MYgirl ❤️

Rain… The thunder is rambling.. What is everyone doing

The Girl Who See Smells… webtoon..adapted and filmed as a drama.. ah I’m addicted to drama again kekekeke it’s been a while drama!

Source: Insoo’s and Seyong’s Twitter and Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

Please take out with FULL CREDITS~


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