[Trans – News] MYNAME ‘Just That Little Thing’ comeback countdown, Anger vs sadness vs outcry teasers revealed

[Newsen Jeonwon reporter]

MYNAME revealed their comeback teaser photos and announced their comeback.

MYNAME, through H2Media’s official Twitter, released the teaser photos of ‘Just That Little Thing’, the title song of their upcoming 2nd Single Album to be released on the 25th.

The first to be revealed were the group’s rapper JunQ and vocalist Gunwoo. Starting with these 2 members, all the members’ teaser photos were released gradually, increasing the anticipation of their new album. In the photos, the members showed a 180-degree change in their hair and fashion styles which are gaining attention.
130114 newsen
The 5 members, JunQ, Gunwoo, Chaejin, Seyong and Insoo, transformed into a funky style, heightening the anticipation of their comeback with the outcry, angry and sad expressions.

A representative of their agency H2Media said “MYNAME have upgraded their looks from the matured and manly image showed in their previous single. It will be an album that maximizes MYNAME’s unique traits and charms. With their comeback fast approaching, the members are nervous and are busy with practice. Their are also preparing for their first solo concert in Korea in March.”

Meanwhile, MYNAME will release the MV teasers for ‘Such A Thing’ on the 16th and 21st at 12noon KST.

Source: Newsen
Translation: MYNAMESG

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