[Trans – News] ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’ Woo Jiwon threatens MYNAME’s Seyong “The person who touched me is dead”

[TV Daily Seo Seungmi reporter] Former basketball player Woo Jiwon scared male group MYNAME’s member Seyong.

On the episode of ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’ broadcasted on the 15th, a ‘Sports All-star Return Match’ went on with 7 of the nation’s warriors who touched the hearts of Korean.

On this episode, ‘Dream Team’ and ‘Sports All-star Team’ sent 2 people into a dark room and had to guess who their opponents were.

Seyong went into the dark room and in order to guess the opponent’s heroes, he bravely grope their bodies and indiscriminately attacked them. After the 3 minute time limit passed, Seyong came out and said “He has a strong grip,” and was shaking.

Then, ‘Dream Team’ pointed out that the hero of the opposing team was Woo Jiwon, who acknowledged it by saying “The person who touched me is dead,” with a matching expression, causing laughter. After Woo Jiwon scared him, Seyong fled quickly, causing more laughter.

On the other hand, Lee Juhyeon, Ricky Kim, Mighty Mouth Shorry, MYNAME Seyong, Choi Sungjo, Park Jaemin, Kim Byungji, Jegal Sullyeong, Yeo Hongchul, Shim Kwonho, Woo Jiwon, Ha Taekwon, Kim Dongsung took part in this episode of ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’.

Source: TV Daily
Translation: MYNAMESG

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  2. JL

    What ep is this?

    June 25, 2014 at 3:06 pm

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