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[Trans – News] Seyong Caught Attention For Outstanding Performance in ‘Dream Team 2’… Which star did you come from?

140406 fnnews

Male idol group MYNAME’s Seyong attracted attention with for his extraordinary athletic skills.

On KBS2’s variety program ‘Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2′ aired on 6th April, Indiana Jones 2 was aired, where the Dream Team members went against the viewers.

Indiana Jones is a game of bringing the flag back to the starting point before the ball arrives. MYNAME’s Seyong especially showed his outstanding athletic ability and an outstanding performance. Seyong was also the final remaining member of Dream Team.

Netizens commented, “Seyong from Dream Team is really good at sports”, “Seyong from Dream Team is from MYNAME?”, “I almost fell for Dream Team’s Seyong”.

Source: Financial News
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[Trans – News] MBC Music To Launch ‘Idol Dance Battle’

140214 Ilgan Sports
The dance battle among idols have begun.

MBC Music will launch ‘Idol Dance Competition'(tentative) in March. DalShabet, AOA, Glam, TASTY, Big Star, Boys Republic, MYNAME, Tiny-G, Rania, Kiss & Cry, Kim Sojung, and others will show off their talents. The members from these groups with the most confidence in dance will participate and battle it out to be the final winner.

A total of 14 male and 14 female idols will battle. Of which, 5 male and 5 females idols will advance to the finals. Final male and female winners will appear in a commercial for D-brand beverage. All members from the respective groups will be able to participate in the commercial spot, so it is a battle of group pride.

A representative of one of the participants revealed, “All the good idol dancers have gathered. As a program that grades the idols’ dancing skills, there will be a fiery battle of pride. The first filming will begin around the end of February.”

This will be the 2nd season of last year’s MBC Everyone’s ‘Korean Art Idol Competition, Everyone gather!’, which saw 110 idol stars battling for a chance to model for D-brand beverage.

Source: Ilgan Sports
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[Trans – News] Kim Namjoo, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Chaejin, Minhyun Graduates From High School “Mixed Feelings”

140213 Star News
Idol stars embraced their high school graduation diplomas.

A-Pink’s Kim Namjoo, Boyfriend’s Youngmin, Kwangmin and Minwoo, MYNAME’s Chaejin, NUE’ST’s Minhyun, AJAX’s Seungyup and Seungjin attended the graduation ceremony at School Of Performing Arts Seoul on the 13th. They received the Special Service Award for promoting the school as celebrities.

Since it’s the graduation ceremony of the well-loved idol stars, many media outlets and fans came to the event. The fans gave hand-made flower bouquets and presents filled with congratulatory messages.

[Trans – News] ‘Idol Battle’ MYNAME vs C-Clown – Vocal pitch & Dance battle

140210 TV Report
[TV report = Kim Gayoung reporter] MYNAME and C-Clown engaged in a battle that showed their infinite charms.

A representative from Mnet said, “On the 10th February episode of Mnet’s ‘Idol Battle’, there will be a battle of vocal pitch and dance.” MYNAME, who just completed their sold-out Japanese tour, and C-Clown, who received a lot of international love calls for their daring music, showed off their charms on this episode.

Both teams will leave a lasting impression with their excellent singing and dancing skills. Following the producers’ call, MYANME’s Gunwoo attempted to sing Big Mama’s ‘Resignation’ in the original key. Gunwoo perfectly sang the song with his soft high tone, and impressed the staff and the public. C-Clown’s Rome showed his excellent dance skills from his training as a b-boy since young. He also captured the ladies’ hearts with his masculine and strong body.

Apart from this, both teams went out on the streets and played the human keyboard game with members of the public, had a walking race with their legs tied together, and engaged in various other missions and battles. From impersonating animation characters to impressive ballet skills, they will fascinate many fans.

The producers explained, “MYNAME and C-Clown are fresh idols who have the professional instincts of variety shows. They are very talented and it’s such a pity we couldn’t include everything in the episode due to boradcast time constraints. We are looking forward to seeing more of them.”

Source: TV Report
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[News] MyName in Kazakhstan

Last Saturday, on 1st of February, the Korean idol group MyName had a concert together with Kazakh group Rin’Go which was called “KAZAKHSTAN-KOREA DREAM CONCERT”. This concert was organized by KPM Entertainment, DongBang and New World Way. Before the concert the group had a press-conference where they answered some questions. And when got asked if they do know some Kazakh words, they answered: “I love you, Kazakhstan!” This evening, at the Palace of the Republic, their live appearance, the complex choreography and the fans’ supporting , all this in combination made them perform their songs very well. All the “MyGirls” were happy! It was an unforgettable day for Kazakh K-Pop fans, because it was the first concert of South Korea’s stars held in Kazakhstan. This was the second visit of MyName in Kazakhstan. They have been to Kazakhstan in August 2013 as the judges of “K-Pop Cover Dance” Festival with the female singer G.Na. During the concert in Februrary they spoke in Kazakh and Russian and it was so cheerily. At the end of the concert they promised to come back with their solo concert to Kazakhstan. We will wait for them! Good luck, MyName! Keep up the great work, take care and enjoy life!


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