121006 Ministry of Health and Welfare Sharing Festival – Olympic Park

Source: Rosemary, JinQ.com, Superstar Kim Seyong, Dunamis, MyAmante, pinkscooter, The Spot, Genie, Cordelia, AMORE아모레, 버블, Blessoo, 희누나, 큐우누나, Blessoo, 럽인N수. with_MN, winner_SY, leejayvee, ksy0ssy, 태연, 튕기세용, 준규보세용 소유니, Kamkam, 실물미남강준규, 진석류, _Laneige, 채지니누누슴, 김세용혓바닥, 멍구, 인수롤리팝, 소영준규, 귀염세용, 내가알지암만암만, 미오, 귀염둥이금붕어, M그룹의채군, 로즈인수, moonlight_dy, 스루비

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