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coming soon . #콘서트 24일 .

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coming soon . #concert 24th .

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[Trans – Tweets] 150517

[#MYNAME] #MYNAME #EXID cheering for each other!! Though busy both teams looks good! Fighting next week too!

Source: MYNAME’s Twitter
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[Trans – Interview] MYNAME “The Stage Is Our Playground. We Want To Succeed In Both Korea And Japan”

#. When Chaejin was in year 1 of high school, his tears flowed as soon as their Japan-bound plane took off. Missing his parents and home, he cried every night. For fear of being caught crying in the day time by the others, he opens the refrigerator door and cries into it. He couldn’t even be comforted by the older ones. Now, 5 years have since passed.

“Now, I gain weight every time I go to Japan. It’s now my second hometown. Haha.”

Chaejin’s smile was relaxed.

MYNAME(Chaejin·20, Gunwoo·26, Seyong·24, Insoo·27, JunQ·22) is back. They released ‘MYNAME 4th Single Album [Just Tell Me]’ on the 13th at noon.
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[Trans – Editorial] The Rascals Are Back With An Upgrade – MYNAME ‘Just Tell Me’

MYNAME, who had matured and manly songs after their debut, recently made a perfect transformation into cute hip hop rascals, but they are now back with an upgraded 4th single album “Just Tell Me”. We are revealing to our Mnet family MYNAME’s relaxed recording studio and even dance practice room for the addictive song “Just Tell Me”.

About a month and a half after their previous album promotions, MYNAME is back again with their 4th single album’s title track “Just Tell Me”. It is a hip hop song that mixes a funky rhythm base with a trap sound, and was a collaboration between BlueBridge’s head composer Kim Gunwoo and 220volt, who have produced for MC Mong, Supreme Team and even MYNAME’s previous album “Too Very So Much”. The addictive yet simple melody and witty lyrics brought out the individual personalities of the MYNAME members, and expressed the playful feelings of a man who loves a woman, but is still unfamiliar with love. With an upgraded funky hip hop sound as compared to their previous album, the expectations for this album are high.
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[Trans – News] “The Show” – Lee Minho-K.Will, Son Yeonjae-MYANME Insoo, The Stars’ Special Teachers…’Warm Student-Teacher Relationship’

The May 12th episode of SBS MTV ‘The Show Season 4′ looked into special student-teacher relationships ahead of Korea’s Teacher’s Day.

In the ‘The Show News’ corner of the episode, the teachers of Hallyu star Lee Minho and gymnastics fairy Son Yeonjae were revealed.

[Parts unrelated to MYNAME have been omitted]

Meanwhile, one of gymnastics fairy Son Yeonjae’s teachers has been making headlines for being an idol star. He is MYNAME’s member Insoo. Insoo, who is promoting his recent comeback song “Just Tell Me”, graduated from Anyang Arts High School and Sejong University as a dance major, and taught Son Yeonjae basic ballet for 2 years. They have shown their close friendship through their comments on their SNS pages.


Source: Kookje Newspaper
Translation: MYNAMESG

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