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[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140415

140415 IS
Insoo 3.09pm


[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140414

Chaejin 12.06am
“@ojs1995: @chae_jin1226 고마워ㅠ 너도 수고했어 진석아!”크크 진석아 수고햇어 !!너두 ㅋㅋ

“@ojs1995: @chae_jin1226 Thank youㅠ You’ve worked hard too Jinseok-ah!” keke You’ve worked hard too!! kk

140414 GW
Gunwoo 12.24am

Goodnight everyone^^

140414 GW2

Goodnight everyone

140414 JQ
JunQ 2.47pm

140414 JQ2
JunQ 7.35pm

140414 IS
Insoo 8.40pm
준구야 치즈~~~~~

Jungu-yah Cheese~~~~~

Source: Chaejin’s Twitter; Gunwoo’s Twitter & Instagram; JunQ’s Twitter & Instagram; Insoo’s Twitter
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140413

140413 CJ
Chaejin 12.17am

Goodnight MYgirl~ Sweet dreams.

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140412

JunQ 12.38am
보기 좋았던 ❤️ kazakhstan:))

It was nice to see ❤️ kazakhstan:))

[Trans - Tweets] 140411MYNAME + Oh Jinseok (J7)

Oh Jinseok (J7) 10th April 11.57pm
@chae_jin1226 진석아 안녕

@chae_jin1226 Hi Jinseok

Chaejin 1.17am
@ojs1995 진석이안녕 너무반갑다..

@ojs1995 Hi Jinseok. Nice to meet you..

[Trans - News] Seyong Caught Attention For Outstanding Performance in ‘Dream Team 2′… Which star did you come from?

140406 fnnews

Male idol group MYNAME’s Seyong attracted attention with for his extraordinary athletic skills.

On KBS2′s variety program ‘Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2′ aired on 6th April, Indiana Jones 2 was aired, where the Dream Team members went against the viewers.

Indiana Jones is a game of bringing the flag back to the starting point before the ball arrives. MYNAME’s Seyong especially showed his outstanding athletic ability and an outstanding performance. Seyong was also the final remaining member of Dream Team.

Netizens commented, “Seyong from Dream Team is really good at sports”, “Seyong from Dream Team is from MYNAME?”, “I almost fell for Dream Team’s Seyong”.

Source: Financial News
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140410

140410 IS
Insoo 11.18am

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140409

Gunwoo 1.13pm
밥먹자 마이걸~ 오늘 점심^^

Let’s eat MYgirl~ Today’s lunch^^

140409 GW
Gunwoo 1.20pm

Gunwoo’s lunch today^^


Today’s lunch

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140408 MYNAME + BTOB Sungjae + C-CLOWN TK

140408 GW
Gunwoo 10.36am
다들 감기조심 오늘도화이팅

Don’t catch a cold, everyone. Hwaiting for today too.

[Trans - Tweets] 140407

140407 CJ
Chaejin 12.32pm

Purple Purple Purple

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140406

140406 IS
Insoo 7.49pm
받은김에 인증 ,오늘도 땡큐

Here’s proof that I received it. Thanks for today too.

Source: Insoo’s Twitter & Instagram
Translation: MYNAMESG

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[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140405

140405 IS
Insoo 11.44am


[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140404

140404 JQ
JunQ 1.51pm

Good morning

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140403

140403 GW
Gunwoo 1.23am
아까 오전에찍은 사진인데 지금올려유~다들 잘자유~

I took this photo in the morning but I’m uploading it now~ Goodnight everyone~

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140402

140402 GW
Gunwoo 12.49am
무섭지?놀라지마셈 전 이제부터 공포영화보고😱 축구보고 잡니다~^^다들굿밤!!

Isn’t it scary? Please don’t be shocked. I’ll be watching a horror movie now, then I’ll watch soccer before going to bed~^^ Everyone, goodnight!!

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140401

140401 IS
Insoo 10.14pm

I’m watching you!!

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140331

140331 SY
Seyong 12.55pm
날씨좋타아앙! 다들 준비됬죠? 이그 졸려욤 ㅠㅠ…. 점심먹고 만나요^^ 마이걸보구파욤!

The weather is good! Are you guys ready? Aigoo I’m sleepy ㅠㅠ…. Have lunch then we’ll meet^^ I miss MYgirls!

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140330 MYNAME + Staff

140330 GW
Gunwoo 1.14am

I’m sleepy. Goodnight.

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140329 MYNAME + B.A.P Daehyun + BTOB Sungjae

140329 IS
Insoo 10.00am
오늘은 오사카다 진아 힘내자!

Today is Osaka. Jin-ah, be strong!

[Trans - Tweets] 140328

140328 SY
Seyong 3.45am
세용 트윗 오픈 입니다! 오늘도 연습 연습!! 파이팅 아자아자아자!!

Seyong’s Twitter account is open! I’m practicing today too!! Fighting aja aja aja!!

[Trans - Tweets/Instagram] 140327

140327 IS
Insoo 11.45am
감전되는 일이있어도 무대에서는 쏟아부어요! 어제 고마웠어요 ^^ 오늘도 달려봅시다!

Even if something shocking happens, I let it all out on stage! Thank you for yesterday ^^ Let’s run today too!

[Trans - Fancafe] 140318 Behind Story #67

MYNAME Behind Story #.67
【 2014.03.10 Insoo’s Birthday 】

0310 MYNAME’s oldest member Insoo’s birthday!
Here are photos of the cakes MYgirls sent for Insoo’s birthday ~(^_^)~

[Trans - Fancafe] 140313 Behind Story #66

MYNAME Behind Story #.66
【 2014.03.09 KBS Let’s Go Dream Team 】

This is the venue of Seong’s recent Dream Team filming.
Today….hmm…….your scroll function is not spoilt…………..

Because we have Life Theatre!! Because we will show you more through video!!!

[Trans - Tweets] 140326

140326 IS
Insoo 5.18pm
힘내쟈 #준규

Let’s have strength #JunQ

Source: Insoo’s Twitter
Translation: MYNAMESG

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